Join the Ladies of the Original GLOW Wresting Show from the 1980's on an amazing cruise!
An amazing 7 night Journey to the Mexican Riviera from Long Beach, California

September 7th 2019 — September 14th 2019

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Go back in time to the 1980’s. What a great time, big hair, high socks, loud music, and The Original Gorgeous Ladies of Wresting (GLOW)! Now is your chance to meet, talk to and get to know these ground breaking women. They Are the inspiration behind the new Netflix hit series GLOW. When GLOW does a cruise they really do a cruise, with fun games, entertaining women, and parties. This is not a cruise you will want to miss especially if you’re a wresting fanatic

This Cruise includes:

  • Exclusive Games just for our GLOW fans such as Dirty Bingo
  • Private Theme Parties
  • Exclusive Shows and Movies
  • Nightly Dinners with the Ladies of GLOW and other group members
  • Prizes and chances to get some GLOW Gear all for your self
  • Optional GROUP Excursions for ONLY our Original GLOW Group hosted by the Ladies of GLOW

The GLOW Girls

April Hom Enriquez, a.k.a. The Royal Hawaiian.
Jeanne Basone, a.k.a. Hollywood
Cheryl Rusa, a.k.a. Lightning
Annette Marroquin, a.k.a. Jungle Woman
Johnny Cafarella, a.k.a, Johnny C
Dawn Maestas, a.k.a. Godiva